Selfie X

The Virtual Celebrity-Selfie 2.0

The Innovative Augmented-Reality Fan Experience

Selfie X is a digital AR-mirror that allows people to take a selfie with their favourite star. The celebrity doesn’t have to be present, but the illusion is perfect. It is an effective tool for social media outreach, marketing channels and merchandising.

  • Augmented-Reality Photo Booth

    Easy to place in stadiums, at concerts and events or in a shopping mall.

  • Selfie with your star

    Generates the ultimate souvenir photo.

  • Perfect mix between the digital and the real world

    A mind-blowing fan experience.

How it works

Selfie X is the perfect mix between the physical and the digital world, an innovative augmented-reality photo booth. It is perfect for stadiums, concerts, movie launches and all kinds of events. This extended fan experience brings everyone virtually closer to their favourite team, player, singer or hero. The user gets a sharable image to push out on all personal social media channels which results in a huge media coverage for the brand.

  • 1. Choose your star through a touchscreen interface

  • 2. Get in position and smile!

  • 3. Check your selfie and share it with your friends and followers

Added value and marketing

Selfie X is a great marketing tool for sports clubs, artists, brands and retail. It generates a huge social media coverage and the brand image profits from using newest augmented-reality technology. It also opens up many other marketing options like individually customized merchandise and detailed customer evaluation.

Selfie X

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